NOISE AQUARIUM at MindshareLA, February 1, 2020

The 2020 Vision Series is a four part journey that MindshareLA is producing in collaboration with UCLA so please join us for the inaugural event as we collectively explore how the smallest things can have profound implications on all of our lives..

Featuring UCLA Art Sci’s Summer Institute director Adam Stieg and currently Associate director of CNSI and Victoria Vesna with the Art Sci collective presenting the NOISE AQUARIUM VR version.

It Came from Nano Space…and it plays by different rules! As technology heralds fantastic opportunities it also brings ethical quandaries and unexpected challenges. Linking brains to machines is making us explore the frontiers and boundaries of what it means to be human; cutting-edge genetic therapies are saving lives and forcing us to question previous limitations; quantum computing is promising unparalleled computer processing while making us rethink our entire world of digital security; and from the moment we are born we start to share our lives with organisms in our gut biome that shape our mood and behaviors. OH, YES! Wild, wild things are happening at the tiny scale! Who and what are we, really? And more importantly, what are we becoming?

mindshare LA 2020

Noise Aquarium at TEDxVienna

Throughout our existence, time is of the essence. When feeling good, we have the time of our lives, while particular challenges give us a rough time. At times our part- and full-time jobs make us feel like we live on borrowed time. Perhaps time to call it a day? And after each timeout we start again, one step at a time, staying focused on that one idea for the time being. But we as a whole are in a race against time and time is running out for solving some of our most pressing challenges!

Noise Aquarium presentation in Vienna 2019

Noise Aquarium installation at Vienna Biennale 2019: Change Was Our Only Chance

Opening 28. May 2019 – 19:30; Duration 29. May 2019 – 31. July 2019

AIL, Franz-Josefs-Kai 3, 1010 Wien

The interactive installation Noise Aquarium shows us deep changes in our ecological system. The interdisciplinary, collaborative project that was developed in collaboration of the ArtSci Center UCLA and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, creates an audio-visual experience in which plankton are brought to life and the noise that poses a threat to marine life is made audible.

We are winners of the Raw Science Film Festival 2019!

Screening: Jan 26, 12:30pm – 9:00pm
ACE Hotel, 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles CA

The festival honors films on science and technology worldwide. Categories include fiction and non-fiction for both students and professionals. Cash prizes are awarded. Animations and infographics are welcomed. The film screening and awards ceremony takes place in January, 2019.

Science and Arts! INL Summit, Braga, Portugal

What does science gain from interaction and engagement with the arts? How has engagement with the arts or an artist led to innovation, breakthroughs, and insights in science? From distinct “aha moments” to the simple gaining of a fresh perspective, how has art influenced science?

Both artists and scientists act on their curiosity by identifying an inquiry and taking steps to discover or express the unknown. Join our cohort of experts in discussing the intersections of art and science.

Chair: Luis Miguel Girão, Technical Expert at the European Commission, Belgium

James Gimzewski, Prof. and Director of CNSI Core Lab, UCLA, USA

Victoria Vesna, Prof. | Department of Design and Media Arts, UCLA, USA